The Neighborhood Data for Social Change (NDSC) platform is a project of the USC Price Center for Social Innovation.  NDSC is a free, publicly available online resource for civic actors to learn about their neighborhoods. NDSC illuminates the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Los Angeles County neighborhoods. The platform helps tell the stories of L.A. neighborhoods through maps, charts, data analysis, and storytelling; helping community stakeholders track measurable change, improve local policies and programs, and ultimately advocate for a better quality of life within their communities.

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Storytelling with Data

Data stories provide insight into a wide range of policy matters within Los Angeles County neighborhoods.  Pairing precise data with rich narrative, beautiful photos, and interactive maps and visualizations; data stories reveal the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Los Angeles communities, giving readers an opportunity to learn more about the issues confronting our region.
  See the featured data stories below or browse all data stories here.
KCETLink is the official media partner of the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform. KCETLink publishes NDSC data stories under City Rising, a program that examines the cause and effect of social issues affecting communities across California.

Explore Your Neighborhood

For more information on the NDSC platform, visit the About section.  Click the map below to start exploring data in your neighborhood.  A video tutorial for using the map is also available below. 
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Community Training Workshops

Community Training Schedule:
The Price Center  is pleased to announce a full schedule of community training workshops for the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform. Participants will learn to access data for specific neighborhoods and cities within Los Angeles County, learn more about the data and understand why specific data sets are important, and conceptualize data stories to better tell the stories of their community.
Trainings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, both at USC and at various locations throughout Los Angeles County. Trainings are open to the public and free to attend.
To RSVP for an NDSC Community Training Workshop, please fill out the form to the right.  Trainings are 1 hour.

Learn About the Data

Explore Variables

See all of the NDSC datasets, their sources, and why each of the variables on the platform are important to measure.